Upgrade AMPPS 3.x to AMPPS 4.x


This guide will explain you how to upgrade your AMPPS 3.x installation to 4.x


Note: If you already have AMPPS 4.x version installed you can directly update to the latest version by click on Update AMPPS button AMPPS UI.

Note: If you have recently installed older version of AMPPS and do not have any important data then please Uninstall AMPPS 3.x and install latest version AMPPS 4.x as that will be the fastest way.

Backup your Data

  • To be safe export your existing databases to SQL files using phpMyAdmin or mysqldump utility
  • Please close AMPPS 3.x application and make sure AMPPS 3.x is not running in the background
  • Rename your existing Ampps installation folder to Ampps.bak

Install Latest AMPPS

  • Refer to the following guide to install AMPPS :

Restore Data from Backup

  • Close AMPPS 4.x application and make sure it is not running in the background
  • Now copy the www folder from Ampps.bak folder and paste at new Ampps installation folder
  • Rename the existing MySQL data folder in AMPPS 4.x installation Ampps/mysql/data to Ampps/mysql/data.bak
  • Now copy the backed up MySQL data folder from Ampps.bak/mysql/data to Ampps/mysql/data
  • Copy AMPPS data folder from Ampps.bak/private to Ampps/private
  • Copy AMPPS domain data file from Ampps.bak/ampps/data/domains to Ampps/ampps/data/domains
  • Copy MySQL password file from Ampps.bak/ampps/data/my.conf to Ampps/ampps/data/my.conf
  • Now start your AMPPS application and start Apache and MySQL and verify if your sites etc works fine.



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