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How to update to Ampps 3.1

  • Download Link:
Ampps Windows OS update : http://files.ampps.com/Ampps-win-3.1.7z
Ampps Mac OS update : http://files.ampps.com/Ampps-mac-3.1.7z
Ampps Linux 32 bit OS update : http://files.ampps.com/Ampps-lin-3.1-x86.7z
Ampps Linux 64 bit OS update : http://files.ampps.com/Ampps-lin-3.1-x86_64.7z
  • First Open Ampps Control Panel --> PHP --> change PHP version to 5.3.
Stop Apache,MySQL and close AMPPS.
  • Please make sure you have backup copy of Ampps before performing update.
  • For Windows extract Ampps-win-3.1.7z over Ampps.
  • For MAC OS open Terminal and run this command.
cd /Applications/Ampps
sudo /Applications/Ampps/extra/7za x -r -y /path/to/Ampps-mac-3.1.7z
Enter your Mac-Pc sudo password.
  • For Linux OS open Terminal and run this command.
cd /usr/local/ampps
sudo /usr/local/ampps/extra/7za x -r -y /path/to/Ampps-mac-3.1.7z