Softaculous AMPPS 2.1

The Softaculous AMPPS Team is very excited to announce the launch of Softaculous AMPPS version v2.1. This version of Softaculous adds some cool new features and fixes some Bug.Full Story


The Softaculous AMPPS Team has released Softaculous AMPPS 2.1. This version fixes some bugs and add some cool features.

Note : AMPPS Stack is not released yet. This is an update of Softaculous AMPPS i.e an auto-installer in AMPPS and is updated automatically in cron which is executed in every 12 hours. Or you can manually update it from Admin Panel.

A complete list of changes:

1) Now database backup is done by PHP to improve backup process.

2) New setting added in Softaculous admin panel to generate random admin username by default for endusers.

3) Softaculous now supports Bulgarian language.

4) Softaculous UI changes.

5) Added new script category (File Management).

6) pre_remove and post_remove Hooks are added. Click here for docs.

7) Softaculous version can now be displayed from CLI. Click here for docs.

8 ) Some API improvements.

9) The Admin Update software page has been improved. Now only those scripts are sent to the update queue, which require an update. (Previously all the scripts were sent to the update queue.)

10) On the scripts “Overview” page and “List Software” page release date of the scripts version will be displayed.

11) Now users can set a default domain path while adding a new domain.

12) Bug Fix : New updated script packages from Softaculous were not able to install as it required Latest Softaculous version which had been launched last week but not updated in AMPPS. Now you can install all scripts which requires latest Softaculous version.

13) Bug Fix : Softaculous was failing to backup an installations if Database was very huge. It is fixed now.

14) Bug Fix : Restore process of large backups was failing due to memory exhaust. It is fixed now.

15) Bug Fix : PHP Notices were displayed while executing the CRON command on server with strict error reporting. It is now fixed.

16) Bug Fix : Perl scripts were not able to upgrade. It is now fixed.

17) Bug Fix : Certain images were downloaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS. It is now fixed.

18) Bug Fix : While editing an installation details, Softaculous was not accepting special characters for MySQL database password. This is fixed now.

19) Bug Fix : In the Softaculous Admin Panel -> Software selection page, while selecting the “Check All” checkbox, all scripts were not selected. This is fixed now.

20) Bug Fix : In case of Multi version scripts, while importing child installation it could be imported multiple times. This is fixed now.

21) Bug Fix : While deleting the backup, backup information file for backup was not deleted. This is fixed now.

22) Bug Fix : On software page in Admin panel scripts count was showing wrong. It is fixed now.

23) Bug Fix : While configuring files Softaculous was providing default permissions instead of the one specified in Softaculous Admin panel.

The Softaculous AMPPS Team

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