Ampps 3.2 – PHP 5.6.10 RC1

With the help of this package you can start testing latest PHP 5.6 builds and report PHP Bug if any.

PHP Version : 5.6.10RC1

AMPPS is a LAMP (Linux), WAMP (Windows) and MAMP (Macintosh) stack of Apache,MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl & Python. AMPPS enables you to focus more
on using applications rather than maintaining them on your desktops.

The current PHP Dev Package AMPPS 3.2-PHP 5.6.10RC1 for Windows, Linux and Mac Os X include:

Softaculous 4.6.3

Apache 2.4.12

PHP 5.6.10RC1, 5.3.29

PERL 5.16.3

Python 2.7.9 with mod_wsgi 3.5

moduleMySQL 5.6.23

phpMyAdmin 4.4.8

SQLite Manager 1.2.4

MongoDB 3.0.2

RockMongo 1.1.7

FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.44

The Softaculous AMPPS Team