The Softaculous AMPPS Team is very excited to announce the launch of AMPPS version v2.1 with PHP 5.5 availability for both Windows and Mac OS X. We have updated PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin & RockMongo to their latest stable version.Full Story


The Softaculous AMPPS Team has released AMPPS 2.1 and Softaculous AMPPS v2.4.
This version of AMPPS adds the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, MongoDB,
phpMyAdmin, etc. We have also added new features and fixed some bugs in

AMPPS is a WAMP (Windows) and MAMP (Macintosh) stack of
Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl & Python. AMPPS enables you to
focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them on your

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USER: You will have to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 for PHP 5.5
A complete list of changes:

1) The current version of AMPPS for Windows include:

Softaculous AMPPS 2.4(Softaculous 4.3.0)
Apache 2.4.6
PHP 5.5.4, PHP 5.4.20, 5.3.27 and 5.2.17
PERL 5.10.1
Python 2.7.2 with mod_wsgi 3.4 module
MySQL 5.6.14
phpMyAdmin 4.0.7
SQLite Manager 1.2.4
MongoDB 2.4.5(Only 64-bit)
RockMongo 1.1.5
FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.41

The current version of AMPPS for Mac include:

Softaculous AMPPS 2.4(Softaculous 4.3.0)
Apache 2.2.25
PHP 5.5.4, PHP 5.4.20, 5.3.27 and 5.2.17
PERL 5.14.1
Python 2.7.2 with mod_wsgi 3.4 module
MySQL 5.6.14
phpMyAdmin 4.0.7
SQLite Manager 1.2.4
MongoDB 2.4.5(Only 64-bit)
RockMongo 1.1.5
Pure-FTPd Server 1.0.35

2) PHP 5.5 is now available for Windows and Mac OS X.

3) The Softaculous Auto Installer in AMPPS uses PHP 5.3. It does not
depend on the currently active PHP. So you can choose PHP 5.5 for
development and Softaculous will adjust.

4) Clone installation : Users can now clone an installation to test updates or changes on the
cloned installation. The guide is available here.
Note : Clone is available only for a few scripts at the moment. We will
be adding it to more scripts regularly. The list is available here.

5) Added Password Strength check for Enduser while installing any scripts.
Admin can limit the minimum required strength for password.

6) Clone hooks : Added pre clone and post clone hooks. The guide is available here

7) Backup Notes : Added option to save a note for reference while backing
up an installation. These notes can be used to choose an appropriate
backup to restore. The guide is available here.

8) Updated the German language.

9) Admin URL of the installation will now be displayed on the Edit Installations page.

10) Now the TOP scripts for the enduser panel can be controlled from Softaculous Admin panel as per the Admin preference.

11) Admin can now display his Custom Scripts in the TOP 15 list in the Softaculous Enduser panel.

12) Added check to disallow special characters in directory name while installing any script.

13) In case of scripts with multiple branches, all available versions will be displayed on the script overview page.

14) Now you can check the license information from the command line. Here is the guide.

15) Check HTTPS connection : If user selects to install a script on the
https protocol, Softaculous will display a warning to the user if a
Trusted SSL certificate is not found on the domain.

16) Detect real version : Admin can now determine the real version of
installation(s) and update Softaculous records from Softaculous Admin
panel -> Installations (The records are outdated in case the user
updates the installation manually). Here is the guide.

17) When editing an installation in Softaculous, the script version of the
installation will be detected and also prompted to the user IF it does
not match with the Softaculous records. The user will get an option to
update the version in the Softaculous records.

18) Users can now choose to prepend a prefix for Admin Username field for their endusers on the script install form. Click here for documentation.

19) Database name limit in Enduser Panel is increased to 15.

20) Bug Fix : While installing any PERL script, the script name was not displayed on the Task List page. This is fixed now.

21) Bug Fix : Softaculous was not able to detect upgrade for installations
which contained alphabets in version number. This is fixed now.

22) Bug Fix : Added validation for Table prefix to allow only alphanumeric characters and _

23) Bug Fix : While importing installations which have customized admin
folder name (e.g. WHMCS), Softaculous was unable to determine the
customized folder name. It is now fixed.

24) Bug Fix : Cron command language string was not displayed on edit installation page. It is now fixed.

25) Bug Fix : While installing custom scripts “undefined” was displayed on Task List page. It is now fixed.

26) Bug Fix : Script installation was not allowed if the user wanted DB prefix to be empty. This is now fixed.

27) Bug Fix : On the Task List page hyperlink was displayed even for the paths. This is fixed now.

We hope you enjoy the feature(s), we will be adding many more features in the upcoming versions.

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The Softaculous AMPPS Team

Script Updates :

1) WordPress -> 3.6.1
2) Tine -> 2.0
3) osCommerce ->
4) miniBB -> 3.0.3
5) Open Web Messenger -> 1.6.6
6) Group Office -> 5.0.7
7) Croogo -> 1.5.4
8) osTicket ->
9) Pligg -> 2.0.0
10) Zurmo -> 2.2.3
11) PmWiki -> 2.2.55
12) Dada Mail -> 6.6.1
13) Subrion -> 3.0.0
14) TCExam -> 12.1.007
15) CakePHP -> 2.4.1
16) Codiad -> 1.9.1
17) Logaholic -> 4.1.5
18) Dotclear -> 2.5.3
19) Bolt -> 1.2.1
20) X2CRM -> 3.5.1
21) GLPI -> 0.84.2 (Added Thai Language)
22) Typo3 -> 6.1.5
23) Typo3 -> 4.5.30
24) Sizzle -> 1.10.9
25) Fork -> 3.6.2