Enduser Panel gives a Blank Page

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  • If you are getting Blank page while accessing localhost/ampps
  • Its because Your php version isn't loaded.
  • Open AMPPS Control Panel and Restore Default Configuration of PHP. Then follow the below steps.
  • Cron was not able to run after installing AMPPS for the first time.
  • For Windows, type this command in command prompt
"path\to\Ampps\php\php.exe" -c "path\to\Ampps\apache\php.ini" "path\to\Ampps\ampps\softaculous\enduser\install.php"
  • For Mac OS X, type this command in Terminal
"/Applications/AMPPS/php/bin/php" -c "/Applications/AMPPS/php/etc/php.ini" "/Applications/AMPPS/ampps/softaculous/enduser/install.php"
  • Restart Apache.

(Note: Please make sure your Internet Connection is working properly)